In the summer of 2019, the purest memories are created!

June 15th - June 22th

Book your cabin and let yourself be carried by the waves and follow the route with your friends to the 5 exclusive parties made by Dj Andi!

Imagine what it would be like to wake up every day, in another sunny destination, in the heart of Greece, alongside the most beautiful people, and spend a whole week as if it were a crazy weekend?

That's how SWELL is defined! Good vibes, good music and yacht's because the sea is our home!


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We offer sailing yachts–think of it as a floating glamping trip with friends and you may get a better idea of the experience. Yachts can accommodate between max 6 and max 12 people (including a Skipper). We have 4 different yacht classifications to suit all crew and wallet sizes.

Pricing starts at €595/person.

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Our yachts have 3-5 cabins depending on the size and sleep up to 12 people including the skipper. Remember the minimum age for all of our events is 18 years old.

Skipper included

Skipper, mentor, friend, sea-guru. Whichever you’d prefer to call’em, your yacht comes with one! And trust us when we say, they’re the oracles of the sea. They know everything there is to know about our yachts, routes, docking and more. The skipper will sail and navigate your crew throughout the week, taking you to all the hidden gems along the route. The skipper's priority is your safety, and after that, to ensure you have the very best experience. Your skipper will show you the ropes if you’re willing to learn, and be a pretty cool friend for the week. Friends need to be fed so the onus is on you to both prepare and sponsor meals for your skipper.

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